The Time Has Come….CPFBI Is Dead

We got one again at CPAE. CPFBI is dead. I’ll still be on SW chat and so will Frothe. I will start CPFBI 2nd Generation in late May. Hope to see some of you there. Goodbye Club Penguin Federal Buruea of Investigation. Goodbye……

Always remember the good times.

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Hey ppl

hey guys I havent been on cpfbi or cp for a long time… just wanted to say hi

What do we want? When do we want it?


Well, what can I say….IT’S HERE!!!!!!!!! JOIN NOW!!!! !!!!!! JOIN NOw!

Construction on 2nd Generation HAS BEGUN!!

WOOT WOOT! CPFBI 2nd Generation in under construction! CPFBI 2nd Gen will be in service by May 28, 2011. I hope to get done almost a week-2 weeks earlier then that. Keep checking this post for updates!

Get Together

I want to have fun. Life is boring without the thrill of an old army that is well organized.

Saturday April 23

2 pst

3 mst

4 cst

5 est

Let’s see how many active a dead army has? Maybe I’ll start Second Gen early…my school work is letting down now after like 3 months of HOMEWORKHOMEWORKHOMEWORK.

The last battle…..:-(

In the CPAE tournament we went against Water Vikings. They had an awesome turnout. But the worst thing was that CPFBI could only get one. 😦

Here are the pics:

CPFBI Dead or Alive?

Edit : The Sled Racing Tournament will not end.

Face the facts. We’re dying. Only getting one at a tournament final is proof enough. So here is what is going to happen. If we don’t get an impressive result at the CPAE tournament, CPFBI 1st Generation will be dead. If it comes to that, I will start CPFBI 2nd Generation come summer. 3rd if someone tries to get us running again in May or late April. If we do well at the tournament, I will try to keep us alive. Either way, we are probally gonna die by the end of May. 😦 I hope to see the few active soldiers left at the tournament. SP1, out.